Requesting Files from Unregistered External Users

Screenshot Requesting a file Step 1

  1. There may be occasions where you need someone outside of the Princeton community to send files to you but where file transfers from that individual are not a regular occurrence.  In these cases, Secure File Sharing provides the following function that allows registered Princeton users to request a file from an unregistered, external individual:
    Enter the following URL into your browser: to display the login screen.

    Enter your registered email address and its password in the spaces provided, and click the “Login” button.

    Note - If you have been given an email address in the form, you must log into Secure File Sharing with that address, not with the traditional

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 2
  2. Your Secure File Sharing session opens on the "File Manager" tab.  

    Click the “Send File” tab to move to the appropriate tab for sending files.

    NOTE - Secure File Sharing is Java-based, so when you switch to the "Send File" tab, a dialog box may be displayed asking you to allow a Java applet to access your computer.  Clicking "Allow" will enable you to continue with the file request process. 

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 3
  3. Click the "Request File" button in the upper right hand section of the page.

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 4
  4. Enter in the email address of the individual who will be sending you the file and a subject line.

    You may optionally add a note and you cc: of individuals who you want also to receive the file that will be sent. 

    Click the "Request File" button to send the request.

  5. Secure File Send will notify you that your file request has been sent.

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 6
  6. The person from whom you are requesting the file will receive an email with a link.
    Clicking the link will allow him or her to send files.

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 7
  7. A browser window will open up allows the person to select the requested file(s) by clicking the “Choose File/Folder” button.  A file and folder list will be presented from which he or she can select the file(s)/folder(s) to be sent.

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 8
  8. He or she will be able see the file(s)/folder(s) that have been selected, listed at the bottom of the “Files” area of the screen.

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 9
  9. To receive a copy of the email that you and any other recipients will receive, the person should check the box next to “Send a copy to myself” at the bottom of the screen.  
    If he or she checks the box next to “Send notification on the delivery,” he or she will receive an email when each recipient picks up the file.

    He or she then clicks the “Send” button to securely send the file to the Secure File Sharing server and the links via email to you and any other recipients.  

    Screenshot Requesting a file Step 10
  10. After the file(s)/folder(s) have been sent, the following acknowledgment screen is presented.

  11. Each you and recipient and the file sender, if he or she requested a copy, will receive an email with a link to the file(s)/folder(s) shared.  

    NOTE – The file is only available for 7 days after it is sent.

    If any recipient does not pick it up by then, the sender will need to resend the file.