Send Files Securely

Secure File Sharing (SFS) allows you to securely send files that are much larger (up to 130GB) than those you can send using traditional methods. Enter SFS.

Princeton individuals with a NetID are already registered while other users must register before using the service.

Why are we offering a secure file sending service?

Email exchanged between a Princeton University email account and one managed by any organization outside of the Princeton network is insecure since the message and attachments, passing between the sender's and recipient's email systems, are in a form that can easily be read by anyone with access to the computers or networking equipment through which the email travels.

Email exchanged exclusively among Princeton University email accounts is afforded a higher level of security, since each message is encrypted as it travels from the sender to the University's email server, and from the University's email server to the recipient. Additionally, our email servers and networking equipment are managed in our secure data centers to prevent unauthorized access to the servers storing the messages. But there is a catch... Since Princeton allows any email user to forward his or her University email to an off-campus email account, your message to a Princeton email account may actually leave the campus, being delivered -insecurely- to his or her other account, e.g., GMail, Yahoo mail, etc. And you wouldn't know unless you check with the recipient beforehand.

To ensure that a file that you must send to an off-campus or forwarded email account will be transferred securely, or if you want to provide additional security for files you need to transfer to someone even within Princeton, we offer our Secure File Sharing service.

Step-by-step assistance

Click the following links to visit the SN@P Knowledge Base and learn how to:

For more assistance using SFS, contact the OIT help desk at .

Important additional information

SFS Notes:

  • SFS accounts expire after 30 days of inactivity.
    If you have not logged in for over a month, your SFS account has expired.  If that occurs, members of the Princeton community can login again.  Those outside of the Princeton community must be reinvited by someone in Princeton.  
  • Files shared using SFS are securely erased from the server after 7 days.
    Files needed for a longer period must be re-sent.
  • SFS requires that the latest version of Java software be installed on your system.
    Please contact your system support staff or the OIT Help Desk (8-HELP) to help you determine if Java needs to be installed or updated.