Report an Incident

Harassing or Abusive Communications

If you receive harassing, abusive or offensive communications from a member of the University community, you should report the matter to the most appropriate of the following contacts:

If you receive harassing, abusive or offensive communications, "spam" or "chain letters" from outside of the University community, you usually can report the incidents to the appropriate authorities, as most schools, corporations, and Internet service providers do not intend their electronic resources to be used for such purposes.

If you are not sure of the appropriate division to handle the matter on your behalf, the Service Desk staff (8-HELP or [email protected]) can help you make the appropriate referral.


Fish Bowl

Visit The Phish Bowl to view the latest phishing alerts and/or to report phishing.

Compromised Data or Devices

If you suspect that University information has been exposed to unauthorized individuals either through a lost or stolen computer/storage media or through a computer compromise, immediately report the incident to the Service Desk at 8-HELP or [email protected].

To ensure that the University data breach response plan is executed in a timely manner, your prompt reporting of the incident is critical, so that we can assign the appropriate individuals to investigate the incident and address any confidentiality issues that may arise. Click here for additional information regarding your responsibilities in cases where you suspect that sensitive information may be compromised.