A brief description of the University's information and technology-related policies are listed below.  Click the policy name to access the policy websites.

Policy on Computer and Endpoint Security Requirements

All computers and other endpoints that connect to Princeton’s secure network must comply with the requirements of the University’s cybersecurity protocols.

Policy on Access to Accounts and Information

The University has the legal right to access, preserve, and review all information stored on or transmitted through its IT Systems.  Follow the above link to view the full policy, as well as a form for requesting access to accounts and information.

Policy on Use of Princeton University Information Technology

Defines the general rules of conduct for members of the University community when using the University's technology resources. It provides clear examples of acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and details the range of penalties for violations of University regulations and policy.

Princeton University Information Security Policy

Principles for protecting information in a manner that is consistent with its requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability wherever it is located across the University.

Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

A concise reference and guide for all members of the Princeton University community. This document includes brief statements of University policies that are most likely to be applicable to and of interest to all University constituencies, including policies applicable to information technology use.