The Phish Bowl

Legitimate Emails

Don't see the message reported above? See if it's been added to our list of legitimate emails (login required). 

Forward suspicious messages to: [email protected]


fish and hook

or use the "Send to Phish Bowl" button in Microsoft Outlook.

What is phishing? 

Visit the Phishing Resources page to learn about phishing and how to protect yourself.


What is The Phish Bowl? 

Your source for the latest phishing alerts at Princeton. 


How do I use The Phish Bowl and report phishing?

  • If you receive a suspicious email, visit The Phish Bowl and scan the list of recent phishing alerts. If the email is posted, there's no need to report it. Simply delete the email and you're done.
  • If the suspicious email is not posted, forward it using the "Send to Phish Bowl" button in Microsoft Outlook or by forwarding to [email protected].


How do I add an email to the Legitimate Emails section of The Phish Bowl?

When sending emails to the PU community, make sure you are following our Tips for Writing Non-Phishy Emails.  To communicate that your message is legitimate and not a phishing attempt, you may ask to have it posted in the Legitimate Emails section of The Phish Bowl. You may request this when completing a PU Mass Mailing Request Form or by submitting a Generic Request Form.