Saturday, Jan 14, 2017
Your picture has been successfully uploaded in your "Photograph Album" and will be visible to everyone. Click here to review picture<Link Omitted> Note: To delete your picture, kindly review it and submit a request to delete. Thank you.
Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
You have (2) Unread messages and cannot be accessed due to mailbox quota/limit exceeded, Click Here < Link Omitted > to use the message retriever page to retrieve missing messages and clean up mailbox.
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017
From: Blackboard-Admin <n0replysqq@unt.edu>
Sunday, Jan 1, 2017
Subject: we closed your account temporarily
Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016
Subject: FW: Important update for Faculty/Staff
Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016
Subject: Unusual sign in activities
Saturday, Dec 3, 2016
Some users on campus have received a message that appears to be from "accessservicesassistant@gmail.com" with the subject "Expiration Notice" This message is NOT from OIT.
Friday, Dec 2, 2016
Why we are contacting you your ITIN has expired, you won't use your ITIN on a U.S. tax return ANYMORE. to get a new ITIN. submit your ITIN. <AUTHENTICATE> Link Omitted to get a new ITIN in three hours (3 hours). Note; For your safety this link will expire within 12 hours